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Subwoofer - Thetis 340

The Thetis 340 subwoofer is the essential part of your home theater set-up. Versatile, it will also be an ideal complement to your stereo system.

Equipped with a 25cm driver and an amplifier of 250W, it will make your experience unique and immersive. Using a bass-reflex principle, it keeps a limited volume despite its extended performance. With a laminar port, airflow noise is significantly reduced. The Class D amplifier drives 250 watts RMS of power, 400 Watts peak. With steep crossover slopes, matching this subwoofer to your main speakers is easy.

The Thetis subwoofers feature numerous inputs, allowing them to be associated with all types of amplifiers. They include a direct LFE input, standard RCA, and high-level inputs for amplifiers with no suitable output.

You can adjust the volume, the phase, and the frequency roll-off for a perfect fit with your main speakers.

Each Thetis subwoofer is supplied with a remote, an LED display on the front panel providing visibility of the sound setting. It features an automatic power ON.
Automatic STANDBY is also possible by activating the AUTO function of the subwoofer.