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Hi-Fi Floorstanding Speaker – BOREA BR10

The flagship BR10 speaker is the highest-performing model of the BOREA range. The use of 8” drivers in the bass register extends the bandwidth and increases power handling, while keeping the TRIANGLE sonic qualities.

The BR10 has a three-way design, with a 25mm EFS tweeter and a 6” midrange driver with a cellulose pulp membrane. In the low-frequency range, the new 8” bass drivers use a membrane in fiberglass coupled with a powerful motor. As a result, the low range is smooth, fast and controlled.

It introduces a new architecture, with a separate crossover system and a dual terminal for bi-wiring or bi-ampflication.

Featuring a high sensitivity of 92dB, the BR10 can be combined with most powerful amplifiers on the market. With exceptional low-frequency performance and high power handling of 200W RMS, these speakers are suitable for rooms larger than 30m2. Versatile, they can be used in both Hi-Fi and home theater setups.