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Premium Floorstanding Speaker - Magellan Quatuor 40th

Music as if you were at the opera. The sound image takes on a whole new dimension here, filling the space with sophistication. The Quatuor 40th, a 135cm high 3-way floorstander, is the flagship of the new MAGELLAN 40th anniversary edition.

With a new dome made of magnesium alloy, its horn tweeter reveals the finest details of your recordings smoothly and accurately. The Quatuor 40th is characterized by the addition of a rear tweeter that allows the speaker to radiate energy to the front and rear of the transmitting point. The sound level is better distributed, and the placement of the speaker simplified.

The 16cm driver with a paper diaphragm and small pleat suspensions, a distinctive feature of TRIANGLE speakers, reproduces any vocal register with great neutrality and without the slightest coloration.

The powerful and extensive bass of the three 16cm drivers is perfectly suited for modern music as well as for a prestigious string quartet or a cello suite. Its proprietary SVA diaphragm and its cooling system provide exceptional performances in the bass and sub-bass register.

Its extended bandwidth and its significant reserve of power make it possible to easily provide sound in rooms larger than 30m2.