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Pack LN01A + Lunar 1

This pack includes a pair of LN01A bookshelf speakers, equipped with a 2 × 50 Watt amplifier. It offers great listening versatility whether via Bluetooth, with your turntable or even in Home Cinema.

It integrates a turntable specially developed by Pro-ject. Manual turntable with belt drive, its playback speed is adjustable between 33 and 45 rpm. It has a straight aluminum arm factory adjusted by the manufacturer and a Ortofon OM-5E cartridge displaying excellent sensitivity of 4 mV.

Its wooden top allows to better absorb parasitic vibrations and constantly guarantees optimal playback of your vinyls. Adorned with an elegant black or white matte paint finish, it will form with the LN01A an all-in-one, ultra-versatile Hifi set combining the advantages of vinyl and dematerialized music. Elegant hood with adjustable hinges for optimal protection and dustproof.

The built-in Phono preamplifier allows you to plug your turntable directly into the back of the speaker.

The speaker is supplied with two protective grilles, a power cable, a cable to connect the two speakers and a remote control allowing you to select sources, adjust the speaker volume and balance the high and low frequencies.

The turntable also has a protective cover.