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High-End Speaker Stands S08

The S08 stands have been designed for premium bookshelf speakers. Designed for the TRIANGLE Duetto 40th, they incorporate a locking system that ensures the speaker is held securely in place.

The placement of the speakers on the S08 stands, at ear level, guarantees a perfect reproduction of the entire sound spectrum. With their high stability, the S08 absorb unwanted vibrations, thus preserving the neutrality and sound precision of your speakers.

Made from a thick aluminum extrusion, the S08 stands not only have a sleek design but also a complex back structure that reduces reflections. Equipped with watertight tubes, you can add granular sand or tiny steel balls to ballast the stand and increase stability. (Triangle ballast balls sold separately).

Its high-density wood base is decoupled by three metal spikes that reduce the points of contact with the floor. The flatness is achieved by adjusting the height of the spikes, thus compensating for any imperfections in your floor. The center spike features SPEC technology for optimal vibration dissipation.

A cable management system at the back of the stand hides cables for a harmonious integration of your system in your living space. Versatile, the S08 stands have a large top plate that can accommodate all bookshelf type speakers weighing up to 35kg each.