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The CAPELLA drivers benefit from the acoustic expertise and research carried out on the limited 40th anniversary edition of the Esprit range.

A New Performance Standard

Active Speakers and Digital Signal Processor (DSP)

Each CAPELLA speaker is equipped with a 2x50W two-channel amplifier, each channel has its own converter and dedicated amplification circuit.

This architecture enables the integration of a next-generation digital signal processor (DSP), with powerful algorithms handling both acoustic and psychoacoustic phenomena.

It also constantly monitors the way the loudspeaker behaves in relation to the power injected, reducing distortion while reaching your system's full potential, particularly in the low frequencies. The crossover is digitally controlled, ensuring a perfectly linear frequency response.

The ability to control the system's behavior offers a real advantage over a conventional system with passive loudspeakers and an external amplifier. Bass notes are deeper and better controlled, the soundstage is clearer and more balanced, and vocals are purer and more detailed.

Magnesium Dome


CAPELLA speakers use the horn tweeter that has been the brand's trademark for many years, producing a homogeneous sound throughout the listening area.

Research carried out in recent years has led to the optimization of the phase plug at the output of the horn to improve sound dispersion off the tweeter axis.

Equipped with a new 25mm magnesium/aluminum alloy dome, this high-output tweeter delivers harmonious highs without the slightest hint of aggressiveness

For Natural Vocals


CAPELLA mid-woofer features a 165mm (6.5") driver with a proprietary membrane made of natural cellulose pulp, a true TRIANGLE trademark. Since its creation, TRIANGLE has favored to use paper cone drivers because of their colorless reproduction, especially in the vocal range.

The Driver is equipped with ventilated aluminum chassis and a half-roller suspension made of an assembly of foam and treated rubber. The result is a natural reproduction of vocals and instruments with good openness and a generous, dynamic bass.



Extensive research has been carried out to understand vibratory mechanics and restore clear, uncolored sound.
CAPELLA loudspeakers rely on the proprietary TRIANGLE DVAS (Driver Vibration Absorption System), a high-density, perforated bracing material that is bonded to the driver by a damping material to stiffen the diver/cabinet pair.

A high-density EVA foam, placed at the end of each internal reinforcement, ensures contact between the driver magnet and the reinforcement. This greatly reduces the transducer vibration caused by the membrane movement, leaving only a small residual vibration.

The DVAS system reinforces this notion of neutrality and clarity in listening by significantly reducing loudspeaker vibration. The result is a more precise listening experience, without any coloration or structure noise.

Optimized Airflow


Capella speakers are elevated on an aluminium base to allow unobstructed airflow around the bass reflex port. This ensures that the low frequencies are evenly distributed around the port, while the mid-range frequencies are more fluidly reproduced at the front.

The internal architecture of the speakers has been optimized around this port, which is flared at both ends. This effectively reduces airflow noise and lowers the level of harmonic distortion.

This design choice also makes it easier to place the speaker, whether in an open space or close to a wall, without compromising the performance of the CAPELLA speakers.

Rounded shape of the cabinet edges

Front Panel Diffraction

The rounded edge of the cabinet is not only an aesthetic choice. The front panel supporting the speaker diffracts sound waves, which distorts the audio signal sent to the listener.

The rubber rings used around the tweeter and mi-woofer in CAPELLA have an angular geometric structure that helps to reduce these edge effects.

The rounded shape of the cabinet edges also deflects the reflected waves outwards, reducing the amount of noise sent back to the listener and improves the overall clarity of the listening experience.


A concentration of technology


The compact stereo hub is the central point of the Capella system. It concentrates all inputs, whether wireless, integrating Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technologies, analogue or digital wired connection.

Airplay, Google Chromecast and Roon compatibility make it easy to enjoy all your music services in high definition. Thanks to its many inputs (TV/ARC, optical, USB, etc.), you can also enjoy the content of all your music or video sources.

The Hub pass the information to the speakers using Wisa wireless technology, allowing you to enjoy a very high resolution signal (24bit/96Khz) with no perceptible latency. It can be placed close to the audio source, leaving you free to position the speakers anywhere in the room.

Installation & Setup


Read the full user manual and browse through all our tutorials on setting up your CAPELLA system and configuring your CAPELLA application.