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Titus Ez

Hi-Fi Bookshelf Speaker

Sale price699 € the pair
Color:Black Ash

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High-Fidelity Passive Speaker
Rooms up to 20m²
Titanium Horn Tweeter
13cm (5") Midwoofer
Power Handling 60 W
Recommended Amp Power: 15 - 100 Watts (8ohms)

Hi-Fi Bookshelf Speaker - Titus EZ

The Titus Ez bookshelf speaker earns its reputation as one the best ‘ambassadors’ of the Triangle sound. This 30cm tall and 17cm wide compact speaker is an excellent introduction to audiophile sound and includes TRIANGLE’s key technologies.

Easily blending to its surroundings, and easy on the eye, this discreet and elegant speaker masterfully fills a room with high quality sound. The speaker offers outstanding musical intensity and a powerful bass for a product of its size.

The Titus Ez uses the Esprit Ez horn loaded Tweeter and one 13cm (5.25 inch) mid-woofer with the 100% natural cellulose diaphragm. The low frequencies are extended with a rear located port. The Titus Ez surprises from the very first listening with its details and huge sound stage.

The performance of the Titus Ez will entice music lovers looking for a very compact speaker, offering liveliness and detail on each with a wide range of music. It is recommended for rooms of between 8m2 to 20m2.


Musicality & Design

ESPRIT Ez offers music lovers lively and dynamic sound without compromise. Rediscover the emotion of your first listens and let yourself be surprised by the thrill of the ESPRIT Ez range.

The latest vintage from ESPRIT brings a major innovation in the midrange driver for surprising sound realism. It also incorporates an improvement to its famous horn tweeter and optimizes its fiberglass bass drivers for even greater speed and transparency.


A real TRIANGLE trademark of technology and performance, the TZ2510, is the latest incarnation of a titanium dome in combination with a compression chamber. This technology provides high efficiency with low distortion and excellent directivity.

Made out of 100% natural cellulose paper, white membrane is used to avoid any coloration. It is combined with a small pleat peripheral suspension to increase the emissive surface area.

Midrange driver

Special attention has been paid to a number of details in the development of the midrange: the profile of the membrane, the shape of the suspension, and the new dust cap, are directly inspired from the MAGELLAN project.


Fiberglass was selected for its excellent affect on the lower midrange / higher bass.An ESPRIT Ez innovation is the overlay of textile material and fiberglass, which improves the rigidity of the membrane. The speaker is equipped with a new chassis, which quickly dissolves the heat generated by the coil.




The Triangle Titus EZ are compact bookshelf speakers, polished, but absolutely not devoid of character and very liberated. They constitute an excellent marriage between distinction and energy

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Versatile, these speakers assume their luminous temperament. Alive and ready to reveal all the subtleties of the sound message, they illuminate it with a slight shine that will not fail to seduce fans of the brand.

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The voices and instruments thus appear particularly voluptuous. Never acidic, the treble contributes to this naturally singing and dynamic restitution, without fuss. So this Comète is likely to shine for a long time in the High Fidelity sky.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Valentin FRADIN
Exceptionnel !!

J'ai acheté ces enceintes il y a un an, je dois dire que je suis stupéfait par la qualité de celles-ci. Dans ma pièce de 20m2, les graves sont d'une profondeur à laquelle je ne m'attendais absolument pas !
Les aïgues sont cristallins et ont agréablement surpris la plupart des gens qui ont eu le bonheur d'écouter de la musique chez moi.

Couplé à une amplification de chez Advance (Smart BX1) assez puissante en classe A et B, la restitution est extrêmement précise pour une paire d'enceintes dans ce budget.

En bref, je recommande vivement ces bibliothèques compactes, qui ont du caractère !!!

Enceinte Bibliotheque Hi-Fi - Esprit EZ Titus (Paire)

Bonnes enceintes, bon son

Enceinte Bibliotheque Hi-Fi - Esprit EZ Titus (Paire)

Tres bon rapport qualite/prix pour cette paire d'enceintes vendues a un prix tres abordable. Parfaite avec ma platine Marantz

Des enceintes au son claire et dynamique

Après avoir franchi le pas pour remplacer mes Qacoustics 3020i pour du mieux, je dois dire que je suis plutot très satisfait de ces nouvelles enceintes.
La restitution sonore est particulièrement bonne avec de la précision sur a peu près toutes les plages de fréquences. A fort volume, il n'y a que très peu ou du moins, pas de distorsion audible et celà même quand le son devient complexe à restituer. Ces enceintes offrent une dynamique qui est assez impressionnante pour leur petite taille. En outre, elles offrent une profondeur de scène plus que satisfaisante.
La qualité d'assemblage est globalement bonne bien que pas nécessairement parfaite.
Ces enceintes bibliothèque doivent certainement figurer dans ce qui se fait de mieux sous la barre symbolique des 1000 euros.